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Bengaluru   |   Full Time

Log 9 Materials is using its core competence in Graphene nanotechnology to develop advanced energy storage technologies from electrode materials, cell to pack level. Our Rapid Charging Battery packs (Read more) solve the challenges in adoption for the 2W and 3W electric vehicle platforms while our Aluminum Fuel Cell technology (Read more) is targeted towards the electrification of long haul, heavier vehicles.

Electrification of vehicles specially for commercial use ranging from 2W, 3W to LCVs to HCVs will not only have a significant positive impact on the environment, but it will lead to huge cost savings as well. However, different vehicle platforms have unique requirements and hence there cannot be a one-type fit all battery technology. 

In this endeavor, we are building a team of Engineers and Technocrats to make India energy Independent.

Log 9 team stands for Innovation, Intellect, Integrity, Initiative and Individual Growth. Hence, we are looking for people who identify with the same set of values.

Unique chance to work at the cutting edge of technology in India, building solutions to solve global energy storage challenges.


  • Will be responsible for creating Log9 brand persona in the deep tech energy sector being at the fore front of developing climate friendly technologies, products, and services.
  • Will directly manage corporate communications with all stakeholders inside and outside the company and will be directly responsible for creating and managing brand perception, brand loyalty and brand reputation in national and international markets.
  • Will work closely with company founders, management, marketing, and sales team to develop advance communication lines with media houses, champion market collateral creation with internal and external content creators, prepare advertisements frameworks and strategies for effective storytelling, develop brand differentiator from competition and participate in company’s go-to-market strategies across different product lines of the company.
  • Establish company brand position, communication lines and brand loyalty programs with its B2B customers, OEM partners and financing houses for effective amplification of company’s USP among its customers. Will be responsible for creating a pull market campaign where exiting customer would become the brand champions of company’s products, services, and philosophy.
  • Will be responsible for designing outreach activities and communication channels for multi-stakeholder communications ranging from customers, govt, regulatory bodies and public to align with company brand persona.
  • Design and develop company’s digital marketing and digital footprint strategy across various media channels (print and video), social media platform for high-impact outcomes. Manage internal and external digital marketing efforts, digital campaign and contests for user and follower engagement and retention.
  • Will be responsible for marketing research, define and understand the audience need, pain point, desire, and aspirations, bring marketing intelligence, define differentiation and positioning of company’s brand, develop marketing and communication strategies (digitally focussed) and measure adoption. Should have an excellent understanding of the digital marketing landscape, including SEM, SEO, and SMM. Should have the ability to own the creative process, from brief to execution. Designing/ implementing marketing projects for clients across sectors/ geographies.
  • Become the voice of consumers to the company. Lead and mentor a growing team of marketers and collaborate with the sales team for effective and result-oriented execution.
  • Will be responsible for establishing deep working relationship with various media houses (Print and video) to amplify company’s news and brand outreach activities. Will be responsible for all media channel communications, collateral sharing, writeups, blogs, interviews.
  • Will work closely with company’s sustainability team to plan and organize climate tech conferences and working groups bringing in all major national and international stake holder and KOL from environment and climate change perspective to establish company as the key stake holder in raising environment issues and how advance energy and material science technologies could play a big role in reducing the overall GHG emission at a global level.
  • Will be responsible to work closely with various Govt. department to align company branding and communication strategies to be aligned with Govt. of India sustainability and development goals.
  • Will be responsible for establishing partnerships and collaborations with leading foundations, NGO from climate protection groups to work closely with them on strengthening company’s sustainability goals and branding strategy in national and international forums, conferences, group discussion, webinar.
  • Will be responsible to create a strong and vibrant advocacy group consisting of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) from energy sector and environment sector under company’s branding umbrella to clearly establish the core issues being addressed by company at national and international forum. 
  • Will be responsible for creating sustainability reports, white papers on how company products and services will be addressing major technological advancements in energy domain as well as addressing environment issues. 
  • Establish company founders and Key Members of Log9 as KOLs in the industry, growing their social media followings.

Essential Skills:

  • 7+ years of brand creation, marketing (offline + online) experience with engineering and tech brands
  • Experience of working in environment and sustainability sector with multi stake holder engagement would be a plus
  • A demonstrable record of building brands and marketing to consumers. Excellent written and spoken communication, Google workspace, Adobe, Excel, and presentation skills.


  • Working with a cross-functional team comprising scientists, engineers, and business analysts.
  • Working for high growth, deep technology start-up funded by leading VCs


Would be a plus:

  • Prior work experience with venture-funded Start-ups.
  • Prior work experience at the energy company.
  • Prior work experience with sustainability and climate related foundations, NGO
  • MBA in Marketing from a leading B-School.

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