Battery Cell Fabrication

Scientist -Anode Chemistry

Bengaluru   |   Full Time

Log 9 Materials is using its core competence in Graphene nanotechnology to develop advanced energy storage technologies from electrode materials, cell to pack level. Our Rapid Charging Battery packs (Read more) solve the challenges in adoption for the 2W and 3W electric vehicle platforms while our Aluminum Fuel Cell technology (Read more) is targeted towards the electrification of long haul, heavier vehicles.

Electrification of vehicles especially for commercial use ranging from 2W, 3W to LCVs to HCVs will not only have a significant positive impact on the environment, but it will lead to huge cost savings as well. However, different vehicle platforms have unique requirements and hence there cannot be a one-type fit all battery technology. 

In this endeavour, we are building a team of Engineers and Technocrats to make India energy Independent.

Log 9 team stands for Innovation, Intellect, Integrity, Initiative and Individual Growth. Hence, we are looking for people who identify with the same set of values.

Unique chance to work at the cutting edge of technology in India, building solutions to solve global energy storage challenges.

Role and responsibilities

  • Strategize research on advanced Lithium-based anode materials of different formulations by actively conducting high-end R&D experiments.

  • Design of experiments and cell failure mechanisms through split cell electrochemical characterizations.

  • Research, design, and analyze advanced Lithium-based metal oxides through testing, characterization, validation and reporting.

  • Developing the matrix of cell performance against material properties such as crystallography, size and stoichiometry ratios etc.

  • Optimization of Li-based electrodes including density, porosity and formulation to prepare high-performance cells. 

  • Builds cells and analyzes data to quantitatively measure and compare cell performance. 

  • Work with cross-functional teams to design reactors for large scale production of Lithium-based metal oxides

  • Analyzing operating electrochemical conditions and functions of battery cell formation equipment and process to scale up the coin cell performance 18650 cell design with high gravimetric capacity, energy density, cycle stability and faster charge.  

  • Work independently and efficiently to meet deliverables within timeline and budgetary constraints. 

  • Contributes to the development of the intellectual property. Adheres to all intellectual property standards throughout the area of responsibility.

  • Provide engineering analysis for the impact of different components in the pouch cell on the overall performance of the cell. 


Qualifications and education requirements

  • Ph.D. in Electrochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Nanotechnology or Materials Science and Material Engineering, or related field. 

  • Strong knowledge of Electrochemistry is mandatory

  • Min. 4 years of relevant experience. Experience as a Post-doc will also be considered. 

  • Prior experience in energy storage solutions will be highly preferred. 

Skills Required

  • Strong background in battery technology, material chemistry and problem-solving skills

  • Excellent communication, prioritization, attention to detail, and organizational skillsets

  • Experience with polymeric binders and conductive carbons for lithium-ion chemistries and particle surface modification is highly preferred. 

  • Deep understanding of fundamental material characterization techniques and systems engineering

  • Experience in dealing with nano-powders and making slurries for batteries. 

  • Able to prioritize and manage time effectively (self-motivated and self-managing)

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